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MA in Strategic Brand Management

MA in Strategic Brand Management degree developed in close collaboration with Brand Communication Institute (BCI), offers students to get the opportunity to be in a network formed by professionals, academics and classmates from different cultures and to get feedback during synchronized courses about their own projects as well as the content of the course.

Key Facts

With both academically and professionally well-equipped skills to manage and develop successful brands, MA in Strategic Brand Management Program prepares students for decision making positions in brand managing related fields such as CMO positions, brand consultants, founders and managing partners. Graduated students of MA in Strategic Brand Management Program will be eligible to continue their studies in business doctorate degrees such as Doctorate of Arts (D.A.) and Doctorate of Business Administration (D.BA.)

The modules will start at 18.00 in Central European Time (CET) on weekdays and at 11.00 on Saturdays in CET. Summer semester ‘optional’ takes place face-to-face at EIASM Prague faculty. The modules are spread into 3 semesters. Our lecturers are available for consultations.

Modules taught only in English


For the MA in Strategic Brand Management degree, students need to successfully pass 3 core modules, followed by 6 elective modules and deliver a pass grade Graduation Project. Graduation projects will be tutored/guided one to one with one of the academic staff members. Although, MA in Strategic Brand Management program offers electives, students can also select courses from other MA and MBA programs.

Coure Modules

  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior and Psychology
  • Brand Case Studies from the Boardroom
  • Graduation Project

Elective Modules

  • Marketing in Digital Space
  • Omnichannel Marketing Communication Management
  • Consumer Insight and ZMET
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Marketing Research and Neuromarketing
  • Omnichannel Advertising Campaign Management


Strategic Brand Management

The course harnesses practical information with theoretical knowledge which is necessary for brand managers in order to build and manage a brand from strategy building to execution. Managing a brand requires full time attention, somehow the brand becomes a part of your life. All components of strategic brand management and their basic competencies will be covered during the module. For successful completion of the module, students will work on a real-life project for a client company.

Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to

Consumer Behavior and Psychology

Have you ever wondered the reasoning behind the decisions you make while shopping? This module helps you to discover the complexity of human decision making. In order to explore the role of perception, learning, memory and attitudes to answer the secret reasons of everyday decisions, the course utilizes interdisciplinary approach to social sciences, including psychology, sociology and marketing. For successful completion of this module, students will work on formulating marketing tactics using theoretical knowledge in the field.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Brand Case Studies from the Boardroom

In this course, CMO’s and CEO’s from a variety of industries will present brand case-analyses. During the keynote presentations, they will also articulate their personal experiences, explain how they approach the challenges they faced and the tools they utilize in facing them, and unveil the process underlying their best practices.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Graduation Project

The aim of the graduation project is to provide students with an opportunity to study an area of special interest in greater depth than the general curriculum will allow and to give students the experience of coordinating independent investigation and research. The students will have the opportunity to experience a one to one mentoring from an academic advisor for graduation project.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to


Marketing in Digital Space

This course focuses on the latest growth-driven marketing practices in digital space covering all essential steps and channels such as digital marketing strategy creation (brand audit, competitor research, customer insights, persona – positioning creation, goal setting, growth funnel creation), website / app engagement, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, paid media management, and earned media management.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Omnichannel Marketing Communication Management

This course focuses on the latest marketing communication practices with an omnichannel and new normal perspective. All marketing communication functions from advertising to digital events will be covered. The course will combine the theory and practice of marketing communication management and through final projects, students will be able to transfer their knowledge to practice. For successful completion of the course, students will work on a real-life project for a client company.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Consumer Insight and ZMET

This course is designed to empower students to become disciplined and knowledgeable discoverers of consumer insights. The students will be able to develop a unique perspective for human behavior, decision-making processes and consumer culture. The fundamentals of the course will be supported by both ZMET and other researched based case studies and its applications on real-life situations will be presented.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Strategic Thinking

IA is definitely a very accurate channel for analyzing data but still doesn’t have the EQ of a human therefore, humans will still be in charge of strategic decisions. The course focuses to development of the strategic thinking skills through concepts, models, and tools of strategic analysis, as well as, application of those tools to actual situations. Aim of the course is to show students how to become a better strategic thinker and practical problem-solver. For successful completion of the course, students will work on a real-life project for a client company.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Marketing Research and Neuromarketing

This course aims to provide insights about human brain through marketing research and specifically neuromarketing. In order to demonstrate how this knowledge is used for developing product concepts, effective packaging, pricing, advertising, web-marketing, post-covid humans etc., sector-specific neuromarketing case studies will be presented. Within the course, specific knowledge about neuromarketing techniques, opportunities and limitations will be discussed.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Omnichannel Advertising Campaign Management

In order for a brand to be strong, sustainable and valuable it needs to create a dialogue rooting from its core promise. Designing the dialogue structure for a brand incorporates setting its strategy, creating a platform to transfer the creative solutions and finally executing a campaign and meet the audience. This course has been designed for students to develop a deep understanding about the advertising universe in an omnichannel approach. For successful completion of the course, students will work on a real-life project for a client company.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to

Academically and Professional Qualified Academic Staff

EIASM Master of Arts degrees collaborated with the Brand Communication Institute are designed and taught by academically and professionally qualified instructors to give both a theoretical and practical understanding and knowledge of brand communication. The Master of Arts academic staff is formed by respected international academics and brand communication professionals. Among them are world-class keynote speakers, consultants, managers, award-winning academics, and professionals who have published numerous researches and books written in their area of speciality. Each instructor has worked with various global brands, and thus introduces a unique experience and personalized approach to the class

Title of Expertise

The MA title allows marketing communication professionals to advance within their careers, it is proof of the person’s Master level of brand communication expertise as well as a step ahead in the competitive job market. The title also solidifies the respect sought by managers, colleagues and/or customers, while also being recognized as an expert within the industry. In addition, with the brand communication title one can become brand advisors and help their customers to become better brands.

Online Live Course

EIASM BCI collaborated degrees offer a real classroom environment with synchronized live classes and chooses synchronized courses over recorded courses for its students to complete their online education successfully. Furthermore, unlike recorded online education, fully synchronized online courses allow students to ask questions during lessons, get feedback from their instructors, and get their classmate’s opinions with different cultures and backgrounds. However, the EIASM still offers the flexibility of access to recorded lectures for two weeks after each class for international students living in different countries with varying time zones and for busy professionals.

Graduate in One Year

Concise and to the point courses of MA degrees make earning a Master’s degree in one year possible, and if desired, students can continue their studies with doctoral degrees to reach the highest level of expertise and title in their professional academic studies.

Brand Projects

Students who want to start their own brands can learn from various real life cases and brands as well as throughout the degree students can work on developing their own brands and receive valuable feedback from their instructors.


All EIASM BCI collaborated courses are also offered to a limited number of executives worldwide to get expertise in specific fields and provide individual certifications. MA students upon successful completion of classes receive different certifications for those courses by EIASM and BCI.

Brand Communication Network

Social capital is one of the most important resources one can achieve in their professional life. Studying in EIASM BCI collaborated degrees is an excellent opportunity to build a network of brand communication experts and professionals all over the world, including the highly respected instructors and classmates coming from different backgrounds.


All Brand Communication Institute collaborated courses at EIASM are accredited by the  Accreditation Service for International Colleges, ASIC.




Abdula with 17 years of experience in marketing strategies, brand management and market research. Held the Head of Strategy and Planning position for long years at Grey Worldwide Advertising. He was one of 12 strategists who led the global strategy council at Grey Worldwide.

Abdula has founded ZMET Institute in 2016 and became the ninth and fastest growing global partner of Olson Zaltman & Associates, US. Since then he is the founding partner of FutureBright and the Behavioral Institute which are both among the fastest growing companies in the region. FutureBright Group serves over 400 top brands and is ranked among Effie’s top of European rankings. Besides his company’s success Akan Abdula is also well-known speaker and popular representative of the marketing communication community.



With a PhD in Communication Sciences from University of Minho and a master’s degree in Communication & Image by IADE, Alexandre Duarte is responsible of various courses in IADE, visiting Professor in several universities, developer of the Research Unit CECS from University Minho and Course Coordinator of OFICINA de PORTFOLIO™. Throughout his career, Duarte had the opportunity to work for several multinational advertising agencies, in Portugal and Brazil, such as TBWA, Saatchi&Saatchi, Ogilvy, W/Portugal, W/Brazil, Lowe&Partners and BrandiaCentral as a Senior Creative Copywriter. He is a key-note speaker, participates to conferences and lectures in both business and academic contexts.

Duarte is the former Communications Director of the Portuguese Federation of Krav Maga and Text Editor of the Surf Magazine SOUP. Between 2012 and 2014, was the Tutor of the EUROBEST Young Marketers Academy and in 2013, was elected member of the Directors Board of EDCOM – European Institute for Commercial Communications Education and in 2018 was invited to teach in the Bachelor of Cultural and Social Communication and in the Communication Sciences Master of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.



Kocyigit is the founder of NBT Digital, a London-based growth marketing agency working with brands with the goal of sustainable growth performance. NBT Digital has established collaborated partnerships with companies such Hubspot, SAP and Kocyigit showed an impressive growth in his own business.

Besides a fast-growing professional carrier, Kocyigit holds his academic PhD degree and also a mentor, keynote speaker and lecturer in growth marketing and related topics. He is an adjunct academic in universities such as Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Bilgi University and been keynote speaker and mentor at institutions such as London&Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute, Innogate, Kworks, SuColl etc.




Gegez is the academic member of Communication Design Department and vice dean of Faculty of Communication at Istanbul Bilgi University. She held the Head of Communication Design Department before her vice dean position and been to several European Universities such as Ipag Business School (France), Karel de Grote University College (Belgium) as guest speaker and lecturer.

She holds her PhD degree in Marketing from Bogazici University with her “Mall Shopping Behavior: An Examination of Differences in Utilitarian versus Hedonic Shoppers’ Mall Shopping Experiences” thesis and her MBA degree from Bogazici University. During her graduate studies she worked as a teaching assistant at Bogazici University, International Trade Department. Her research and lecturing areas are marketing strategy, brand management, marketing communications and marketing research. Gegez has several academic publications and holds several best paper awards such as the one from 2016, 21st National Marketing Congress Prof. Mehmet Oluc Best Paper Award.




Her expertise is in the area of Marketing and Brand Communications. While carrying out academic studies at Istanbul Bilgi University, Sanje also provides corporate training and consultancy services through “Brand Communication Academy” and “Gresi Sanje Consultancy”.

Sanje contributed several projects such as UNDP Turkey, UNGC NY, and worked with several brands such as Mapfre, Pfizer, Samsung, Perfetti VM etc. as consultant, supervisor and educator. Since 2015 she held several managing positions in academy. Between 2010-2014 she was the representative of UNCG of the University. In similar timeline she was also at the board of EDCOM (European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education) between 2011-2015 and elected as the President for 2015-2017 period.




Buga-Moraru, is an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, at University of Bucharest, Romania since 2009, where she was granted by two titles: “The highest award of the University of Bucharest Senate” and “The professor of year in social sciences field”. Her doctoral thesis focused on advertising anthropology (The mythical dimension of the advertising discourse) and in 2010, she received a postdoctoral fellowship and visiting professor chair from Gaylord College, the University of Oklahoma. In 2012, she received two more postdoctoral fellowships from Staffordshire University and Buckinghamshire New University in UK, as part of a research project on advertising glocalization strategy funded by the European Union.

Her research focuses on the anthropological approach to advertising and she has more than 30 publications on the topic, as well as 2 books on the relationship between myth and advertising, storytelling, and global-local influences (Myth and Advertising, 2009, Nemira Publishing House and Advertising Stories. From Inspiration to Strategy, 2015, Tritonic Publishing House). She is a member of Research Committee and of the Board of European Institute of Commercials Communication Education (EDCOM) and for the last 4 years she has been one of the jurors at Romanian Effie Awards.




Girisken holds a marketing PhD from Istanbul University and MBA majoring in marketing, from University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA. Girisken is the founder and CEO of ThinkNeuro, the first Neuromarketing company in Turkey. Thinkneuro which operates in 17 countries, has conducted more than a thousand TVC, packaging, branding, customer experience (shopper, UX, CX), digital and motivation neuro tests for more than 300 consumer brands since 2011.

Girisken is a well known an done of the most influantial keynote business speaker in academic and corporate conferences including TEDx in Turkey and all over the globe. He is the Turkey Chairman of NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science and Business Association) and President of Turkish Researcher’s Association. Girisken has number of international academic publications and he is the author of the book “Perceive the Reality” that covers both theoretical and practical framework of consumer neuroscience. He also conducts consumer neuroscience studies at Altınbaş University and teaches neuromarketing at MBA program.