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Ever thought you would like to design your own MBA degree with courses you consider you need bypassing those you feel you do not need? Now, that is finally possible. Fully online. With or without a master thesis just as you need. Go forward and gain knowledge in fields that can shift you forward in your career and reach your individual ambitions.

Click Application Form below and build your own MBA!

Key Facts

You’ll learn with other similarly driven individuals from various backgrounds and businesses. In addition, you’ll be studying courses designed by seasoned professors or experienced professionals in those areas whose research findings and perspectives are sought after by corporations and conference organizers worldwide.


A tailor-made MBA allows you to choose whether to write a thesis or study more courses worth the same amount of credits instead.

All other specializations we offer include writing a thesis. However, you can choose to study for an MBA without writing a thesis. Design your own MBA degree that will best suit your needs.

How to build your own MBA degree

We offer 30+ courses using which you can build your own MBA degree. There are few worth more than the standard 5 credits. The highest amount of 30 credits you can get for Research methodology which has no quiz as one completes it by defending a master thesis of 20 thousand words between Introduction and Conclusion.

To complete this professional degree you can combine several courses worth 90 or 120 credits. The decision is only yours. 

In general, Continental European countries (non-UK/IRL/NL) and all post-soviet countries prefer 120 credit MBAs while the rest of the world ok with 90 credit. The guide can be checking how many credits are received in a master’s degree in your country. 

Employers or organizations in a few countries view MBA degrees worth 120 credits above those degrees worth 90 credits. In some countries, credits do not make any difference as only the MBA degree itself matters. Similarly, some organizations want to see you finish your MBA degree by defending a thesis, but most organizations in the majority of countries do not care through what courses you reached the degree (and/or whether you wrote a thesis). 

If you decide to write a thesis, the topic is up to you. It needs to be linked to one of the courses you studied. You may choose a supervisor and an opponent (or we will assign those to you). The thesis needs to meet a certain quality level which is checked by our academic staff (you may consult it with us as you will be writing it).

Please review the courses available on the page of professional advanced courses we offer. We also plan to start offering our courses individually allowing students to complete them on the go and later to recognize them in an MBA degree for those who cannot pay the tuition of a tailor-made MBA at once.

Important aspects

  • You will be asked to choose the courses during the application process.
  • You can change your decision later during the study.
  • It is possible to choose to write a thesis and later decide to study another course (or courses) instead, but there are no refunds if at that moment the option without the thesis is cheaper.
  • You can change courses during your studies. In that case, you can study more courses we offer. The last change renders the final list of courses that will appear on your diploma transcript.
  • You can even change the number of target credits.
  • Any change (with one or several courses) is subject to a fee of 80 EUR.
  • The study is completely flexible and has no time boundaries. Some will certainly finish it much faster than others. It only depends on how much free time you can find during or after your work.

The process is as follows:

  1. Click at the above Application form button or here: apply at this page for a Tailor-made MBA. Build it by choosing the courses you want to study.
  2. We will review the application and ask you how you prefer to pay (card or bank transfer) and send
    you the invoice
  3. After its payment, we will enroll you in the courses you signed up for
  4. Let us know during your studies if you need any changes to the course list (may be subject to extra
  5. After you see the videos and complete the quizzes, we will issue the diploma and send it to you.
  6. If you choose the option with a thesis (by selecting the Research methodology course), you will write a
    thesis with your chosen supervisor or one suggested by us. We constantly check the thesis to make sure it matches our standards. After the thesis defence, we prepare the diploma and send it to you. 
  7. Regular post to send diploma is included in your tuition. EMS or DHL comes at an extra cost and follows
    actual rates when sending.
  8. An Apostille is available to the Hague convention countries for an additional fee.
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us at

Why us?

Online courses available anytime and anywhere!

We are sure that managers are very busy persons and so we offer interactive MBA study where a student is in contact with the lecturer for consultations if required and at the same time can progress individually anytime using our online study materials.

Quality assurance:

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s Degree equivalent
  • Two years of full-time work/managerial experience clarly visible from your CV
  • Ability to study in English

Tuition Fees

  • Application processing fee of €50
  • Scanned copy of your passport/national ID
  • Resume/CV
  • Scanned copies of your academic diplomas/certificates/transcripts